teen driver tracking

A Commitment to Driver Safety

One of Agilis Systems' leading consumer offerings is our MOTOsafety solution to improve teen driving safety and coaching. MOTOsafety uses GPS, mobile apps and intuitive software to put the focus on driver safety. We monitor driving habits and give consumers:

teen driver tracking

Daily driving report cards

Tracking and grading driver performance to improve safe driving behavior

Alerts and updates on unsafe driving behaviors

Real-time alerts for speeding, harsh braking, rapid acceleration and more

Updates on locations and activities

Real-time, GPS tracking with intuitive maps and historical playback

Visit www.motosafety.com

MOTOsafety has been featured in:

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fleet management
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Making Drivers Smarter

Our consumer offerings also empower drivers to better understand the behaviors that reduce driving expense and vehicle wear and tear. Our tools:

  • Reveal true driving costs
  • Expose approaches to reduce fuel usage
  • Much more...
driver monitoring

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