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Request More InformationFleet management requirements have grown significantly from the simple GPS tracking, “where are my vehicles” that has been used for the past several years. Companies are realizing that simply knowing were the vehicles are, is not enough to justify capital and expense spending decisions. In today’s economic times, companies need to ensure theirmoney is being spent where they can realize hard dollar benefits. The most common priorities in fleet management are listed below. Agilis Fleet Management solutions address each one of these.

Fleet Management Priorities -Agilis Solutions Can: -
  Reduce Fuel Costs
  • Reduce Idle Time
  • Reduce Over Speeds
  • Improve Vehicle Operating Performance
  • Reduce High-Speed Acceleration
  • Reduce Hard Braking
  • Improve Route Planning
  • Provide Better Utilization of Existing Fleet Vehicles
  • Reduce Dead-Head Runs
    Reduce Manual Paperwork and Administratie Costs
  • Electronic HOS and Driver Logs - Coming Soon!
  • Electronic DOT/IFTA Reporting
    Improve Reporting Accuracy (Reduce Fines)
  • Electronic HOS Reporting and Alerting - Coming Soon!
  • Electronic Driver Logs - Coming Soon!
  • Electronic DOT Mileage and Fuel Tax Reporting - IFTA
  • GPS Location / Tracking / Speed Confirmation
  • Reduce Idle Time
    Reduce Fleet Maintenance Costs
  • Low-Cost Vehicle Telematics Reporting
  • Actionable Management Dashboards for Timely / Priority Decisions
  • Proactive Reporting of Vehicle Maintenance Issues
  • Eliminate Tow-Ins for Dead Vehicles
  • Electronic Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting for Preventative Maintenance
  • Reduce Idle Time
    Improve Driver Safety
  • Reduce Hard Braking
  • Reduce High-Speed Acceleration
  • Reduce Over Speed
  • Reduce Fast Lane Changes
  • Reduce Tailgating
  • Auto Alerts of On-Duty Times that Exceed Regulations through Electronic Driver Logs and HOS Tracking - Coming Soon!
    Reduce Emissions
  • Proactive Monitoring of Green House Gas (CO, CO2, HC, NOx) Emissions
  • Reduce Idle Time
  • Elecronic Reporting for State Requirements


Here are some examples of the types of fleets that can benefit from the Agilis Systems software:

- Short Distance Operators  
    - Corporate Fleets  
    - Courier / Delivery Services  
    - DSD Companies  
    - Service Companies  
    - Construction Companies  
    - Utilities (Electric, Water, Gas, Phone, Cable TV)  
- Long Distance Operators  
    - Truck Load Carriers  
    - LTL Carriers  
    - Owner Operators  
    - Private Fleets  
    - For-Hire Fleets  


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